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Tiger Simulator 3D

About Tiger Simulator 3D Game
InstructionTiger Simulator 3D is another great simulation game brought by CyberGoldfinch for you. Tigers are truly wonderful and beautiful animals and now you have a chance to see what it is living like regal animals in nature. You control a single tiger and must prow in the wild and try to survive and thrive.You must hunt for food and catch prey to provide yourself with energy and energy - don't forget to drink water. Across the world map, you can complete various missions for other animals and characters to earn gold - you can use this gold to increase your tiger's stats and power level friend. You can also find a tiger friend and raise your own tiger family! See what it likes to live in nature today and start your tiger adventure!
ControlsWASD or arrow keys to move the tigerLeft mouse button to attackSpace bar to jumpShift to run
Played62 times
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CategoryArcade & Classic
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